Marc Lowe is an electronic composer, a singer, a drummer (since middle school), a synth/keyboardist, and he also plays the guitar, mostly acoustic. He started learning to make music in the second grade, when he studied Mozart and classical music via the clarinet. Later, he picked up the saxophone, then one day traded in his woodwinds for the drums and rock music (at that time, mostly heavy progressive rock). He always loved singing, and started taking the art seriously when he began college and studied operatic vocals, hence his love of vibrato and dramatic vocal stylizations (add to that his obsession from his late teens with artists such as David Bowie, and the picture comes further into focus).


Marc picked up the guitar for the first time in 2015, after writing songs a cappella for a time and strongly desiring the ability to further arrange them himself. He was a "bandman" for a couple of years, but soon realized that he preferred making music on his own. His world changed forever the day he purchased a mini Korg USB keyboard; his songwriting quickly shifted from guitar-based structured songs to more abstract/electronic compositions that were generally synth and/or piano-based. (To this day he does most of his composing on the keyboard, though the acoustic is still employed.)


Stylistically, his music ranges from acoustic love songs to Industrial rock, from ambient and noise compositions to world music-influenced soundscapes, from vocal-heavy 5 minute songs to instrumental compositions that can run anywhere from 10 to 20+ minutes in length. The bulk of his rather unwieldy catalogue can currently be streamed via Spotify and other major streaming services, including his drastically reinterpreted version of (every song on) David Bowie's final LP, "Blackstar".


Marc currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. In November 2020 he released a 30-track "best of" compilation, which can be streamed and/or downloaded in high-quality audio via his Bandcamp page. He has also been working on other 2-CD/2-hour plus long compilations from his previous side-projects with Joe Shotaro and Sunny Yasuda. At the end of last year, he also completed an ambitious 7 part, 2hr. 47min. long documentary entitled "A Musical Journey," available for streaming on his YouTube and Vimeo pages. The subtitles are presented both in English and in Japanese. 


This year Marc hopes to continue evolving his side-project Lower Than God (with Takeshi Goda, Tokyo experimental flautist and noisemaker), as well as performing live again after the "State of Emergency" is lifted in Tokyo (expected: February 2021). More studio work and video will be coming soon, so stay tuned...

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