"...nailing the moment. fidgety, fevered, menacing, “cool kid” organo-mechanical digital sinew.. throwing strops, fits, break-downs, overloads & pure panic attack & hebephrenic hemorrhage.

from what little i understand, it’s an American guy in Tokyo (Marc Lowe) locking leg-irons with a mainland drifting minstrel."

Read the review at the "Jikokuki" blog here (scroll down to "Lower Than God: We Advance Masked").

"Formerly based in Fukuoka but now in Tokyo, Marc Lowe is an often bewilderingly prolific musician with a vast catalogue of releases from a variety of projects, ever-muddled by deletions, repackagings and remixes, veering between Jeff Buckley-esque melodramatic guitar-led songsmithery and industrial soundscapes..."

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